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Quality Labels The “Quality Labels” company is your best source for label printing and manufacturing for products, industries, food products and services. Whether the application is manual or automatic, you can choose up to 8 colors and any type of material. You can to produce custom made labels in rolls, sheets, fan-like folding or as sets according to need. Quality Labels is a leading company in the field of label roll manufacturing since 1995, specializing in custom made label printing, laminated labels... Read More
Manufacturing of all types of labels We at ‘Quality Labels’ manufacture transparent labels, glow labels, car labels, polyester labels, color labels, warranty labels, plastic labels, barcode labels, silk labels, label rolls, white labels, laminated label printing, paper labels, labels in rolls, number labels, printer labels, sales promotion labels, vinyl labels, transparent labels with a metallic hue, and more. For details, specifications or suggestions for your roll label needs, call us on: +972-3-9522677 , to talk to... Read More
Quality Control The Quality Control Company guides and assists each customer by ensuring a smooth use, unlike many other label printing companies. We regularly provide samples of labels and materials for testing and examining, if any question rises. Many quality control tests verify the precision of the copy, data, color, barcodes and the customer’s specific demands. Whether your label request contains a complex design, a unique use, concerns about the usage settings or manner of pasting, a unique... Read More

Laminated labels

Laminated labelsProduction of laminated labels is done by using a clear liquid coating, which becomes solid when passing under a strong UV light, or by a layer of a transparent film glued onto the printed labels’ basic material. In this way, it is possible to coat paper labels(transparent film coating, which adds a lot to the protection of the label), transparent labels, aluminum labels, mailer labels, plastic labels and vinyl labels with lamination, while setting them up in label rolls. Over 85% of the manufactured label production includes some sort of lamination. In order to define the proportions and type of material needed for your custom made label, contact the Quality Labels professionals at +972-3-9522677.

Security labels

Security labelsHere at Quality Labels we specialize in printing custom made warranty labels and safety labels. We offer the smallest safety labels, in terms of practicality, to provide evidence of tampering and\ or warranty labels meant to protect computer equipment from tampering or unauthorized entry and possible swapping of components. A safety label can break or be torn when an attempt is madeto remove it. Safety labels can leave behind a unique pattern in case they are removed from the pasting surface, even when replaced by other safety labels pasted in the exact same location. Quality Labels has a great deal of experience with printing safety labels, contact us for further consultation.

Labels in rolls

Labels in rollsLabels in rolls are transparent adhesive labels. Removable label rolls or printing of a fixed print provided on rolls for the ease and rapidity of their use in sales or automatic machines. In addition, labels in rolls are specifically made for changing print machines, such as direct printers, thermal printers or ink injection printers. The labels arrive on a tape structure and include vinyl labels, a wide range of transparent labels, mailer labels, aluminum labels and an extensive variety of all paper labels. The Quality Labels Company is a leading company in the production of label rolls since 1995, with a unique manufacturing expertise in the field of label roll printing.

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‘Polyester labels’ has almost become the generic term when searching for label rolls. Polyester is the brand name of the Dupont Company for polyester. Actually, most of the label rolls- whether they are white or transparent labels with a metallic hue- are made of rolls belonging to the polypropylene family, because of their price and adaptability. Clear labels and metallic hue labels are usually placed on containers or packages which demand a certain amount of flexibility- something polyester labels can endure, as the tape is stronger and tougher than most others. So, if you are looking for a basic type of label roll, you should first consider a polypropylene structure. Please discuss your custom made label print with our team and ask for free samples, so that you may examine them. Polyester is crucial for extreme conditions demanding stamina, such as a waterproof setting, conditions related to harsh weather conditions, high-performance requirements, extended durability, extremely high or low temperature environments and uses requiring dimensional and protective stability, such as battery labels, motor labels, or mobile phone screen covers. Protection from chemicals, strong components of cosmetic products or UV rays, sometimes requires polyester labels. Ask for a price quote today to begin your experience with the Quality Labels Company. We are looking forward to assisting you! If you have any questions please discuss any custom made label printing requests with our team and ask for samples, so that you may examine them. If you have any questions please discuss any custom made label printing with one of our team specialist.



Label printing companies are very different from one another; not only in product expertise, but also in the depth of their proficiency in the field of labels. Our devoted team truly recognizes the importance of product consistency in the manufacturing of labels. We know what it takes to provide an exact printing quality on transparent labels, aluminum labels and label rolls. Since 1995, the Quality Labels Company had learned how to listen; to provide smooth-running, first-rate products; and deliver on the date promised- usually between one or two business days. Even with large orders, the cornerstone of excellent printing is proper preparation. Quality Labels understands the importance of proper design and setting up an appropriate art work. There are no shortcuts. We are here to assist from the idea formulation stage to the print stage, in order to ensure high quality results. We frequently encounter customer errors or oversight which can result in expensive, repetitive prints and lost time. Our team’s strength is a key asset for any customer. We guarantee a 100% satisfaction from the work and all the materials. Therefore, you can call the Quality Labels Company with complete assurance that you are connecting to one of Israel’s best label companies. All of your label production needs, inquiries, price quotes or concerns will receive an immediate and personal attention. Ask for a price quote today to begin your experience with the Quality Labels Company. We are looking forward to assisting you! If you have any questions please discuss any custom made label printing requests with our team and ask for samples, so that you may examine them.


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Quality Labels

The Quality Labels Company produces labels of different materials, in order to meet all needs, problems and purposes of each customer. We choose to use the finest materials and don’t settle for the quality of the raw material.

Vinyl labels

Many people link vinyl labels to car labels and adhesive labels for outside use, and then relate this perception to their package or demands when ordering label rolls for an indoor use. Vinyl (known as PVC) comes as a white or transparent material and is usually very soft, comfortable and pleasant to move. It is great for marking when creating a silk print. Quality Labels carries vinyl for specific desired uses. However, over time, the vinyl cracks and shrinks along its edges. Vinyl works best as a laminated label, protecting it and the printed graphic in its range. They are adjusted especially for manufacturers and importers in the field of cosmetics.

Barcode labels

Each of the barcode label sets we provide to you is printed according to the recommended guidelines of barcode equipment manufacturers, and a trial scan is performed using state of the art equipment meant to ensure the perfection of the barcode label. Most local print shops lack the experience needed for the unique requirements of barcode printing. In addition to being devoted manufacturers of biodegradable equipment for your barcode label printers, we support our customers through our use of a demanding technical process for the creation of first-rate barcodes. Barcode labels provide an efficient way, in terms of cost, of tracking your products. Contact us for a free consultation.

Safety labels

Are you looking for barcode labels with safety features, to provide evidence of tampering or copying? Electronic imaging products offer a wide range of safety label options to be used in applications such as employees’ identification tags, accessibility control, tagging products (such as electronic or computer products), product warranty labels, forgery prevention, and many more. With safety labels, safety features can be used separately or in combination in order to create a unique label- specific to your needs. For instance, we could begin with a layer or space providing evidence of tampering or a destructible material, and add an ink-pattern design.